Today’s shoppers are trending toward natural and organic product
purchases which have drastically increased in less than 10 years
according to the latest Hot Topic report from
“Back to Our Roots: The Rise of the Natural/Organic Shopper,”
from Jacksonville, FL CPG Marketing Agency which explore today’s
natural/organic shoppers and what they buy, where and why they
purchase these foods and how they gather research on  products
ingredients and processes.* Though not surprising, Millennials
are key to driving the natural/organic trend, but GenXers and
families also play a large role. 60 percent of  Millennials food
baskets contain half or more of all natural/organic  products,
whereas GenXers are second with 34 percent of their purchases
making up natural/organize products in their baskets.
The study also concluded that the "must have" natural/organic
items for families that are frequent purchasers of these items
include produce (60 percent), dairy (50 percent), juice
(47 percent), meat (46 percent) and snacks (44 percent).*
For these reasons, it is important to cater to Millennials as
they are setting the stage for the natural/organic food retailing
About 20 percent of Millennials tend to shop for natural/organic
products at traditional grocery stores, too, but nearly 30 percent
are attracted to the value channel for better pricing, product
variety and “shopability.”
The three key factors persuading shoppers to buy into natural/
organic products is to avoid chemicals found in common foods,
a belief that food quality is improved and in keeping their
families overall health in mind. In all groups in the report,
all agree that price is the biggest barrier in purchasing
natural/organic items.
Not far behind the price barrier is the lack of or conflicting
information about these natural/organic products. Most information
is gathered from product packaging, in-store signage and the
internet. Nearly 73 percent of Millennials state that they
research products in the midst of a spending decision.*

Make sure you are well-stocked with organic or natural labels to
call out this growing category along with carefully,
well-thought out signage that will educate your customer.
To learn more about in stock or custom labels and sign cards,
we are happy to help point the millennials and other consumers
to the right products through innovative labeling, sign card and
packaging solutions.*Progressive Feb. 9, 2017.

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      There’s no better way to keep abreast of the latest product innovations and technologies in the label industry than to see them for yourself. Recently, several of us from Bollin Label Systems were able to do just that during the 2012 Labelexpo in Chicago.

Labelexpo is the world’s largest event for the label and product decoration industry. It’s held in the U.S.every two years and we always look forward to it. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn more about advances in our industry and how we can incorporate them in our business to better serve our customers. We see everything from the latest technologies in digital printing to new paper combinations. Then we ask ourselves, “How can we capitalize on these new innovations and opportunities?”

This year was no exception. We purchased on site an amazing new rewinder manufactured in England. This rewinder makes thousands of adjustments per second so that each label roll is consistent from beginning to end. This advantage is passed onto our customers. The greater consistency in our label rolls makes it easier for them in their application processes.

We’re continually investing in ways to improve our manufacturing capabilities and product quality, especially when we can bring those improvements to our customers.

Preston Smith, Purchasing Department

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A new way of looking at things: Bollin Label Systems associates from the Print and Production Department learn how to use the technically advanced SpectroEye, a spectrophotometer used to measure and control color specifications with greater accuracy.

At Bollin Label Systems, we continually look for ways to enhance print and production processes and to further our capabilities in manufacturing high-quality labels for our customers. Investing in a new, state-of-the-art spectrophotometer is the latest example of this.

The SpectroEye allows color and other properties to be quantified for greater accuracy and repeatability. We can deliver more precise color reproduction with virtually no discernable variation from run to run. The color we print today will be nearly identical to the color we reproduce year after year.

We understand the importance of our customers’ brands; printing invariably affects a brand’s image. We take our role in portraying our customers’ brands very seriously, which is why we’re using the SpectroEye.

Mark Bollin

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