About Us

"We look at each specific label application and the whole manufacturing and distribution process. What's the label going on, what's the environment, humidity, heat? How will it be transported? What will work best?" – Mark Bollin, President

Bollin Label Systems manufactures and distributes labels for a wide range of industries, serving a variety of markets, enhancing hundreds of different products.

Our mission is to create high-quality labels and customer-specific solutions.
We accomplish this through:

  • experienced, in-house graphic artists

  • sophisticated print capabilities

  • outstanding customer service

For more than 40 years, Bollin Label Systems has manufactured stock and custom labels for distributors, retailers, and other manufacturers. We supply labels and merchandising solutions to 5,000 customers across the country in several markets. Two of our divisions, Supermarket Labels and Fresh Date, serve the grocery business and food and restaurant industries, respectively. Our non-food clientele include leading companies, such as Goodyear Tire, Libbey Glass, and La-Z-Boy furniture.

With our many capabilities, we can create labels for nearly any product in any setting.

Our product offering is fully supported by experienced sales personnel and Customer Resource Representatives to help find the right label solutions for you.

A century of bringing innovations to customers

Bollin Label Systems didn't exactly develop overnight; it evolved over 100 years. It all began in 1912 when Gilly Bollin opened his neighborhood grocery store in Toledo, Ohio. Since that time, the Bollin family has worked hard and smart in a variety of ways to service its customers.

Local grocer leads expansion into one-stop shopping. Gilly revolutionized shopping in Northwest Ohio by being the first local retailer to outfit his store with shopping baskets, which were introduced by the Piggly Wiggly supermarket chain. He wanted his clientele to be able to select their own merchandise without assistance from a sales clerk. Employing the baskets increased sales dramatically and allowed consumers to purchase a variety of products, not just food items. 

Distribution and diversification meet demand. Gilly and his wife and seven children all worked in the store at one time or another. Sons Jerry and Harry Bollin oversaw the business until 1968, when Jerry founded Bollin Distributing Company, created to fill a need for carpet cleaning products in local stores. Recognizing the wide variety of pricing systems retailers used, the company continued to diversify its services to better meet customers' needs by adding labels and label guns to its product distribution.

Family builds label business serving 5,000 nationwide. As Jerry and his children expanded the line of labels and related products, Bollin Distributing became Bollin Label Systems. The company now manufactures its own labels using the sophisticated, high-speed flexographic printing process. Designs are created by our graphic artists. Their talents--combined with Esko Artwork, a cutting-edge software program--turn any idea into finished product, that reflects your brand.