We're equipped to supply labels for nearly any product, merchandising, or business situation. We'll handle your product specifications and offer recommendations on design, size, materials, and adhesives. It's part of our manufacturing process to consider the label application, product transportation, and merchandising environment. Bottom line: we deliver what works best for each and every item.

Corporate Labels

A wide range of manufacturers use Bollin labels to get their products ready for market. If you're looking for label products for your company, we'd like to talk with you about how we can best serve your needs. We offer stock labels in hundreds of shapes and sizes or custom labels designed to fit your corporate image and specifications. Or, if you have your own idea, we’ll implement it for you.

Grocery Labels

Our  division provides grocery stores and chains with all types of labels, for every department: meat, deli, bakery, produce — name it; we make it.

  • scale and promotional impulse labels
  • coupon and merchandising labels
  • custom labels
  • shelf labels
  • point-of-purchase sign cards
  • price-marking equipment and label guns

Food Labels

Choose from hundreds of shapes and sizes and a number of different materials. We ensure our labels properly adhere to various types of packaging and will hold up in your store environment; from custom branded labels to in stock promotional selections ready to ship.

Custom Labels

Our graphic designers create artistic branded labels that literally decorate your products to capture shoppers' attention. Their talents, along with a cutting-edge software program, called Esko Artwork, can turn any idea into a finished label. So, let our experts show you how.

Everyday Product Labels

All merchandise deserves the best possible presentation. Are you doing all you can to enhance yours? Our expertise and capabilities work to put the best face on your products.

Promotional Labels

Call out your store promotions and draw attention to those items you want to move quickly. Or highlight special occasion or holiday items with stickers or coupons. See our extensive selection on the promotional labels page.

Restaurant/Food Rotation Labels

If you're looking to get a better handle on managing food safety and achieving greater efficiency in storing and tracking, our Fresh Date line is the solution. Find all the labels and accessories you need, including labelers, dispensers, storage bags and more to easily identify and rotate various food items.

Inventory Labels

Effective inventory management improves your bottom line. Our labels help you establish an efficient system.