What are Pressure Sensitive Labels?

80% of labels in the marketplace are Pressure Sensitive Labels. A versatile product label made of paper, film or foil that does not require heat, solvent or water to activate the bond, but only light to moderate pressure is needed to apply the label to almost any surface or product. These labels most often are printed in rolls but are available in stacks, sheeted or fan-folded for a wide range of hand or machine applications to meet your needs.

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Materials We Use

There are several types of label face sheets or stock materials available for your new product label.

• White Semi-Gloss • Brown Kraft • Foil - Silver or Gold • Fluorescent - Only black ink can be used • BOPP - Clear or white plastic film • Direct Thermal - Used for weigh scale labels • Thermal Transfer - Use for label printers utilizing a ribbon

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Finish & Adhesives

We'd Be Happy To Order Materials That Are Specific To Your Needs

Depending on your product, your label may need a finishing laminate or coating to protect the vibrancy of your design. There are four different finishes. • UV Varnish • Varnish • Polyester Overlam • Polypropylene Overlam (most widely used)

We offer five comprehensive label adhesives that will withstand certain environments: • All Temperature Permanent • Freezer • Permanent • Removable • Repositionable • Dissolvable • Food grade

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